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Updated: Mar 4

Recite daily 3 times each:

Root: I am happy, healthy and full of vitality; I am safe. Sacral Center: I am joyful and trusting of others and lovingly discerning. Solar Plexus: I am a powerful light being with powerful creative powers. Heart: I surround myself with people who treat me lovingly and love me deeply and unconditionally. High Heart/Thymus: I create anything with love. Throat: I listen to the tone and energies of my voice and I hear love. Third Eye: I listen and am in touch with my inner guidance. Crown: I am an expression of the divine whole.

It is okay to leave behind what doesn't serve us. We can leave the Crappy Cafe behind and enter into the Utopia Cafe. The key is to first feel compassion for what you need to leave behind. If you feel compassion for the Crappy Cafe and all its' patrons, the Crappy Cafe will give you permission to leave it behind in a CLEAN way - meaning that no feelings of guilt or sadness will accompany you into the Utopia Cafe. Are you ready?

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