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Transformational Coaching

Imagine, Visualize & Create!

Transformational Coaching is the umbrella for Lisa's Life Coaching and Energy Healing.


Life Coaching

Safe space/You decide direction/Create dreams


Who—Become aware of who you are

What—Focus on possibilities/identify perceived barriers

How—Develop goals and action plan/remove barriers


Clean Sweep Program, Coach U Copyright: Consists of 100 items in the areas of environment, health, relationships and money in which to strive and apply in your life. When completed, you will have the vitality and strength you want. Lisa will mentor you in this process.



Energy Healing for Body & Mind

Body: Lisa utilizes her "Imprint" technique for you to heal your own body in the areas you identify. 

Mind: Lisa uses her "Feel it & Free it" technique to facilitate removing negative feelings and emotions.




Have you recently changed partners, jobs or moved?  If so, transitioning can be challenging as you discover who you are in the new modality. Intuitive life coaching can help you discover yourself and create your dreams.


I can be a child at heart.  I can laugh, play and have fun, even if I am told it is work.  


Getting back on your feet from a recent illness is not easy.  Coaching gives you guidance and encouragement to remember to take care of yourself first. 


Is a family member leaning on you for support? Who is supporting you?  Coaching can help you remember how powerful you are and that you are supported.  

Self Interest

What do you love about yourself?  You can start having interest in yourself by discovering your gifts and attributes and share them with yourself, first.  You can let go of judgment about yourself and start loving all aspects of you, right now. 


I can choose how I feel and choosing how I feel is total freedom! 


I have fun and feel free and I create success.  I am / I have... 

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Love Life

I realize I can have fun, freedom and success which allows me to love life.  I can love life right now no matter what life throws at me.  I can "Go with the Flow and Glow"! 

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