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What people are saying about Dreams for You Coaching 


Caitlin Murray, Los Angeles - 
Lisa has an incredible gift for making you feel like everything is going to be okay, or rather, that it already is.  Through her tailored coaching, I was able to overcome deep rooted obstacles and beliefs that were hindering me from living a more abundant life.  She helped me reprogram my damaging thoughts to constructive ones, allowing me to begin running a more lucrative business and leading me to being able to afford and purchase a home.  I can’t say enough about the power of Lisa’s mantra, “imagine, visualize and create!” Not to sound cliche, but seriously, If it can work for me, it can work for ANYONE.



Paula Bodal, Miami -  

Lisa is an inspiring Coach, whose wisdom has helped me to stay true to my path.  I have found her sessions to be so full of laughter that I can't help, but feel good afterwards.  She has a keen ability to "hear" what is really going on inside of me and is able to help me dig deeper so that I have a clearer understanding of my perceptions.  Thank you, Lisa for listening!   



Nora Barnard, Indianapolis - 

Lisa is an excellent listener and gifted coach.  She has personally assisted me in processing patterns and uncovering some that have limited my life.  Lisa has a gentle and powerful gift that she uses to uplift others.  If you are considering a coach, I highly recommend Lisa.



Kristen Becher, Bloomington, IN - 

Lisa is a high priestess who listens intently to my words and is very present with the energy that I bring to the surface in our coaching sessions.  Her sharp intellect combined with her natural intuition alchemically assists to transmute the lower vibration of my situation into higher frequency thoughts.  She then facilitates the visualization process and supports the design of action steps toward the reality I want to create.  She is centered in her compassionate heart and is able to unconditionally narrow in on the point in which I have been stuck in repetitive thought.  She opens that narrow tunnel, shines light of her angelic perception, and all of a sudden the horizon expands and the life I want to live seems abundantly present, available, and do-able.  When working with Lisa, she gives her 100% presence.  This is a true gift because her sharp intellect combined with her intuition is paramount in what makes her insights so right on! Working with Lisa has provided a sense of support on this spiritual journey to bring my highest dreams into physical manifest reality. Thank you Lisa! 


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