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The "Door to Limited Knowledge" or the "Door to Infinite Knowledge".  Which door will you choose?

Hi Dear Dreamer!  


Welcome to Lisa's Messages which includes many Weekly Dream Audios in 2015. Lisa invites you to enter a contemplative, almost meditative space with her as she shares her messages and weekly dreams and explores the depths of life's meaning. Imagine, Visualize and Create! 

You may access Lisa's daily dream and deed posts on twitter                 and on facebook 

Weekly Dream Audio 12/29/15

Rebirth. Tis a great time for rebirth where we put our past behind us and our future before us. Imagine, visualize and create, dear dreamer.

Weekly Dream Audio 6/1/15

Circle.  A circle, in its wholeness, has no beginning or end, dear dreamer. If we cut up a circle and form a straight line, we cast away infinity.


Weekly Dream Audio 6/9/15 

Gifts. Our gifts are what come easily and are fun to do!   Let's share our gifts, dear dreamer, and society will overflow with abundance.   


Weekly Dream Audio 6/15/15

Amnesia. Each layer of amnesia we lift, we remember more of what we already know. The key is to say "yes" to remembering, dear dreamer.


Weekly Dream Audio 6/22/15

Even though we may not feel our anger is perfect, we feel anger perfectly. All our feelings, thoughts, words, actions are perfect creations.


Weekly Dream Audio 6/29/15

Stories. What if we play in stories that feel real so we can blame stories on how we feel? Stories have no power over our feelings, dreamer.


Weekly Dream Audio 7/6/15

Food. Imagine we can make food healthy by simply sprinkling a magic herb on it. Visualize vitality on a diet of ice cream and cake, dreamer!


Weekly Dream Audio 7/13/15

Funeral. Leaving my friend's funeral I heard him say: I'm out but you're in. Enjoy every minute. Be in awe no matter the chaos or the order.


Weekly Dream Audio 7/20/15

"Perfect what we want." I heard this as I was waking up. Does this shine new light on the old saying, "Practice makes perfect", dreamer?


Weekly Dream Audio 7/28/15

Why/How. Have you ever noticed that why looks into the past and how looks into the future, dear dreamer?  Let's imagine the how now!


Weekly Dream Audio 8/3/15

Crack. A small crack in the door lets in a lot of light. We can crack open our doors too, dear dreamer.


Weekly Dream Audio 8/11/15

Ignorance is not bliss. The more we know, the more blissful we can be. To know how to feel peace, love and joy in the middle of chaos.


Weekly Dream Audio 8/17/15

Cycles. We have many cycles: birth/death; day/night; peace/war. Are cycles necessary, and if so, which ones do we want to keep, dreamer?


Weekly Dream Audio 8/26/15

Abundance. We yearn for abundant money and time. Yet feelings of love, peace and joy take no money or time. What is your priority, dreamer?


Weekly Dream Audio 9/1/15

Ready. We are ready for each gig we experience in life because we signed up for it. Tis a smoother ride if we handle it with grace, dreamer.


Weekly Dream Audio 9/7/15

Labor. Why do we call it labor? Let's visualize a society where no one labors and where creating our wants and needs is fun, dear dreamer.


Weekly Dream Audio 9/14/15

Vacation. We vacate our real world and vacation to a dream world. Let's imagine we are on vacation right now, dear dreamer.


Weekly Dream Audio 9/21/15

Petals. It's time to gather up our petals we left behind & become the whole rose we truly are. It's time to return others' petals we took.


Weekly Dream Audio 9/30/15

Down/Up: If we let go and fall down, we will bounce up to a higher height. The key is letting go, dear dreamer. 


Weekly Dream Audio 10/14/15

Live-Love. Our life force energy is really our love force energy. Let's tune our desire to live to our desire to love, dear dreamer.


Weekly Dream Audio 10/19/15

Energy is the source of truth. It is tried and true. Feel the energy to find the truth, dear dreamer.


Weekly Dream Audio 10/28/15

Life Force Energy. Fear energy escapes and Love energy recirculates. That's why the more we love, the longer we live, dear dreamer.


Weekly Dream Audio 11/4/15

Connection. We get a connection to explore the internet and we get a connection to explore the cosmic net. The key is connection, dreamer.


Weekly Dream Audio 11/11/15

Fences. Imagine a city that desires no fences. Where all are given permission to freely roam, dear dreamer. 


Weekly Dream Audio 11/21/15

Compliment. Imagine a society where everybody compliments each other after every hug and handshake. How easy would that be, dear dreamer?


Weekly Dream Audio 11/30/15

Avalanche. An avalanche buries all in its path. When the snow melts, that once buried reveals itself, seeking our love, dear dreamer.


Weekly Dream Audio 12/11/15

Waiting. Did you know that waiting is an opportunity for downtime, dear dreamer? A time we can relax, breathe, appreciate and smile...


Weekly Dream Audio 12/19/15

HUG. To me, HUG stands for "Heart Union Gift". Imagine a society where people hug before every conversation, dear dreamer. Hug me



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